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Teeth Whitening Risks – Use Professionals

The population of the UK should be made more aware of the risks involved in teeth whitening treatments according to Dr Peta Leigh, a member of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

Leigh states that whitening treatment so widely available, but lots of people do not always realise that many outlets and individuals offering treatment are doing so illegally.

Whitening is classed as dental treatment and hence can only be performed by qualified, trained dentists registered with the General Dental Council. The EU regulations also direct that treatments should have a maximum hydrogen peroxide concentration of 6%.

Unfortunately, many products are ordered online, such as home kits that contain whitening agents with higher concentrations than recommended. Also, many people are using beauty salons and similar for whitening treatments, albeit illegally.

Due to fashionable trends, people also look to whitening kinds of toothpaste, oil pulling and whitening strips, that all claim to whiten the teeth, with little evidence to suggest that they actually make a significant difference.

Dr Leigh advises the only way to be safe and gain a long lasting brighter smile, is to see a professional, qualified dental professional with the methods that are proven and effective.

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