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Home or Away for Your Cosmetic Dental Treatment?

Increasing numbers of British citizens have chanced travelling abroad to save money on major dental treatment, dental tourism. It is generally for cosmetic procedures, such as implants, but is it wise?

In countries such as Turkey, Bulgaria, Hungary and Poland the costs can be up to 70% less than in the UK, and it is understandable that with cheap air connections people feel hey can make a major saving. If you have or are considering it yourself do so very carefully.

Many of the clinics available for various procedures may be recommended by others, but be aware that often the regulations in other states are not as stringent as in the UK. This can mean the risk of a complication could be a lot higher.

Many European dentists are top class, with many working under of stricter regulations within the UK - but for budget prices, you need to know that the dentist has as much experience or the equivalent qualifications as required of your local UK dental practitioner.

If you are considering travelling abroad to receive treatment you will need to perform thorough research into the record and the qualifications of the dentist with whom you are placing your health. Check out the testimonials and reviews - and try to ascertain if they are genuine.

The procedure may be cheaper, but factor in the travel costs, accommodation and exactly how much the dentist will charge you for the treatment. Also remember that if the treatments need to be corrected, completed or followed up on, the cost may well go over what it would have been to have the complete course of treatment here in the first place.

So, why not tray Mannamead Cosmetic Dental, you do not need to fly, just pop into our Cosmetic Dental Centre at Hyde Park, Plymouth - or set up an appointment here.

It will use up so much of your time and is far more con lenient.

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