Dental Health affects psoriasis

Research Links Poor Dental Health With Worsening Psoriasis

Research Links Poor Dental Health With Worsening Psoriasis

Research by Scientists in the U.S. suggests that improving dental health can help people plagued with psoriasis.

The skin condition blights around 2% of the British population. Psoriasis causes scaly, itchy and dry patches of skin almost anywhere not he body, and in some cases all over. Flare-ups in the condition can be the most difficult to manage, which are often painful and difficult to treat as the causes are due to an autoimmune response.

The American scientists, from The Ohio State Wexner Medical Center, discovered a connection between a severe version of the condition and poor dental health. Improving dental health, along with a healthy diet, can greatly improve the symptoms.

Poor mental health, such as gum disease, was more than likely observed in those with more acute psoriasis symptoms. Those who had a better, healthier, diet including eating fresh fruit at least daily appeared to have lighter symptoms.

The aim of the research was to note triggers of psoriasis. As far as dental health is concerned the researchers knew already that strep throat bacteria are a trigger, they wished to observe if there was also any connection between the bacteria in the mouth and the severity of symptoms.

Benjamin Kaffenberger, the lead author of the study and a dermatologist revealed that although the symptoms of psoriasis are visible on the skin there is an underlying cause, which causes the immune system to react abnormally.

One hundred patients with psoriasis and 165 people without but who all attended the dermatology clinics in Ohio were sent questionnaires. The survey revealed that psoriasis sufferers were more likely to have poor oral health.

The findings of the research have been published in the Dermatology Online Journal.

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