Do You Ignore Dental Health Concerns?

Do you take your health seriously? At Mannamead Cosmetic Dental Centre we are very interested in your denatl and gum health, and look to aid you to gain a healthy and improved smile. The problem we havbe in Britain is that we often bury our heads regarding our health concerns, including dental health.

A poll of 2,000 adults conducted by Oral-B, has revealed that British adults have, on average, two health issues* that they are currently putting off getting checked out. With almost one in five* suffering from bleeding or pain in their gums regularly, yet haven’t done anything about it.

The majority of Brits will leave two to six days* before getting headaches, earaches and sickness resolved. But one in 10* will leave their gums bleeding for up to a year without any medical attention at all. Of the 40%t that have suffered with bleeding and painful gums, four in 10 have never even had the symptoms assessed*.

Avoiding the Dentist?

One third admitted to avoiding the dentist over the last year altogether because they don’t have the time, the money or have had a bad experience in the past*. Whilst a third also avoid their GP because they don’t want to discuss the problem at hand, or are too scared of what the doctor might say. The lack of importance placed on their own health, whether it’s because of embarrassment, time constraints or any other reason, means 62%* of Brits are suffering with their health problems in silence.

This ‘head in the sand’ attitude isn’t serving the nation well, as three in ten* have had a condition that worsened because they didn’t do anything about it. The discomfort that Brits are most likely to seek a professional opinion for is chest pain, with 36% addressing it within a day and three in ten would leave it for up to six days before seeking advice*.

Not Just Dental Health

Other complaints that tend to be prioritised are eye pain, persistent coughs and stomach aches - which were all deemed more critical to have assessed over and above gum pain. In general, 36%* of those experiencing symptoms will have them checked out within a few days of their first appearance. But 27%* will put things off for a week or so and 14%* will leave it for a whole month. Of those who do manage to make an appointment for their ailments, four in ten have cancelled it*.

And it’s not just neglecting our own health that’s causing issues – almost a quarter admitted they’ve had an argument with their partner because they’ve avoided dealing with a health problem*. 22% have even made an appointment on their partner’s behalf to finally deal with a health issue they’ve been avoiding*.

What You Should Do

Dr Reena Wadia, Gum Specialist and Oral-B Ambassador said: “Gum disease is the most common human disease, but unfortunately one of the least acknowledged. The longer we leave gum disease untreated, the more damage is caused and the more difficult it is to treat. Tooth loss is a consequence of gum disease, but in recent years it has become very clear that gum health is related to your general health. Active periodontal disease can lead to increased risks of diabetes, heart disease and many other general health conditions, so it’s vital that we address it early on.

The good news is that gum disease is preventable. The most important ways of looking after your gums and teeth include effective home care as well as regular professional checks and cleans (such as at Mannamead Cosmetic Dental Centre). Everyone should be brushing twice a day, ideally using an electric toothbrush and a fluoride toothpaste."

If you are nervouse about visiting the dentist and receiving dental treatment please conntact us as here at Mannamead Cosmetic Dental we can advise you on different methods available for nervous or concerned patients - contact us now.

*Research conducted by 72Point on behalf of Oral-B, 2,000 adults participated in September 2019.

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