Do You Have Odontophobia?

Mannamead Cosmetic Dental - nervous young womanYet another phobia that is likely to stump most of us in a pub quiz! But seeing you are here, on this site, reading this and I am sure common sense tells you this is related to dentistry! This is a fear we all understand, but how can those so fearful be helped to face a visit to the dentist?

Here at Mannamead Cosmetic Dental, we use methods to aid nervous and anxious patients to overcome their fear of treatment to improve their dental health, looks and the general feeling of well-being – read here.

What is Odontophobia?

The definition of odontophobia according to H. Birn and R. Moore’s study in the 90s reveals the condition as a “unique phobia with special psychosomatic components that impact the dental health of the odontophobic persons”.

A study in 2014 [1] also states that the fear can be so great it impacts daily life and leads to avoidance of particular actions – such as visiting the dentist. Now, these studies are interesting, and very wordy, when we all are odontophobic to a degree. Who do you know is happy to go, or needs to go, to a dentist.

For many of us we can overcome that fear and trepidation of the dentist’s chair to prevent even more evasive dental treatment if our teeth and gums have not been monitored and taken care of by a trained, experienced, and professional who knows what they are doing. But for others, the fear may be far greater.

For a very few that fear is a deep phobia, for many, the fear may not quite be as serious as a phobia but enough to stop them from gaining vital treatment – whether for dental health or even cosmetic improvement. Treatments have been developed to aid many facing the fear of dental treatment and the perceived associated pain in recent year’s.

The pain, instruments and whole experience are why some shy away from dental treatment? The fear of pain is top of the list and links to the other aspects of a visit to a dentist. Each of us can relate to this apprehension, but in normal circumstances, we can deal with and overcome it by steeling ourselves to have treatment that we reason is necessary. But for others that fear can be a lot stronger, due to many different factors that several studies highlight – from genetics to embarrassment.

Mannamead Cosmetic Dental Can Help

For some patients at Mannamead Cosmetic Dental we offer conscious, enabling the patient to relax but also remain conscious during treatment. Hence, they can understand and respond to the dentist. Those who are anxious about dental treatment have found this to be a real help in overcoming their fear.

This may not remove the anticipation and anxiety leading up to the visit to our centre but is a major step to being able to receive vital dental care. If you are anxious about facing the dentist, contact us to discuss this approach and be reassured that your anxieties are understood and addressed, and your feelings and dental health are our concern.

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