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UK dentists treating patients who have had foreign treatment

Mannamead Cosmetic Dental Centre - Come to us rather than fly away for cosmetic dental treatmentA survey by the British Dental Association (BDA) reveals an increasing number of British people are heading abroad for dental treatment. The survey also uncovers that this rise has led to problems for dental patients and practices with much remedial work needed in the UK.

Mannamead Cosmetic Dental are available to assess any work you may have had abroad to prevent any long-term concerns.

The survey of 1,000 dentists in part reveals:

·       The appeal of travelling abroad for dental treatment appears to be widespread, with 94% reporting that they had examined patients who had gone on such trips: however, the findings indicate that the lure of a quick fix may carry considerable risks. Of these dentists:
·       86% reported having treated cases that developed problems following treatment abroad. 87% identified crowns as the treatment most likely to require follow-up work, closely followed by implants at 85%.
·       The highest single risk factor identified was failing or failed treatment (86%), closely followed by pain (76%), and poorly executed treatment (72%).
·       Fixing the damage can be costly for patients. Two-thirds of respondents (65%) said that it cost patients at least £500 to repair the damage done to their teeth, while over half (51%) reported that it was more than £1,000. One in five of these dentists said the cost exceeded £5,000.
·       Over half (56%) reported seeing cases in the past three years, with a fifth (20%) seeing cases during the pandemic.
·       93% of all dentists responding identified concerns around continuity of care, 79% were unhappy with the quality of care, 77% mentioned the difficulties associated with seeking redress or making a complaint, and 66% flagged concerns over communications between patients and practitioners.

Survey reveals more concerns

The BDA’s associated press release also stated that several dentists reported concerns about ‘over-prepared teeth – where more of a tooth is removed than necessary – as well as ill-fitting crowns and implants that fell out. Dentists surveyed were also worried that treatment proceeded despite having untreated gum disease, which was likely to increase the risk of crowns and implants failing, as well as being a major contributor to infection and pain.’

It was also reported that several dentists reported that extensive dental work had been done on patients’ healthy teeth as part of a ‘smile makeover’, which they judged would lead to costly maintenance or even lead to loss of teeth.

One dentist reported the shocking case of foreign dental treatment on a patient who suffered from dental phobia, they had extensive work done under sedation, but they now need four root canal treatments.

We are very concerned for our patient’s well-being here at Mannamead Cosmetic Dental Centre, so if you are tempted to travel abroad for treatment please speak to us first. We can improve and help with your smile, and dental problems and have also developed our services for those with dental phobia.

At Mannamead Cosmetic Dental Centre we understand that cost is very much on all our minds in these difficult times, and is often the motivation for choosing foreign dental treatment, so please check out our dental payment plans and contact us now.

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