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Need A Dentist?

Like many areas in the UK being able to get on the books of an NHS dentist is getting evermore difficult. Here in the far South West of England there are many trying to access dental serviced, particularly in Cornwall.

48,000 Cornish residents are waiting for a place with an NHS dentist. Others are facing at least a 60 mile round trip to see a dentist. A routine dental appointment and check up is vital as it can reduce the risk of dental disease significantly. Hence, the situation is getting serious for many.

Can we help?

Being adjacent to Cornwall can we help? We do not provide NHS services at Mannamead Cosmetic Dental Clinic, but we can assess a client’s dental health and also improve smiles [our services]. We can also help by offering a payment plan for any work that a client wishes or needs to have performed - allowing them to come away with a far better smile.

Here at Mannamead Cosmetic Dental Clinic we can help with many procedures. From teeth whitening, straightening, implants or something else entirely. Also for nervous patients we offer methods to ease their concerns and enable them to face important treatment.

Contact us now to discover what we can do for you - CLICK HERE.

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