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‘Second Rate’ Tackling of Childhood Decay

The British Dental Association has accused the government of letting down children in England following today’s launch in Manchester of Starting Well – an unfunded programme to tackle child tooth decay which will operate within just 13 local authorities. Dedicated national efforts have existed in both Wales and Scotland for over a decade.The scheme – […]

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Aspirin May Help Repair Teeth

Researchers at Queen’s University Belfast have discovered that aspirin could reverse the effects of tooth decay resulting in a reduction in the need for fillings. Currently, about 7 million fillings are provided by the NHS each year in England alone.Tooth decay is the most common dental disease worldwide. Tooth decay imposes a huge financial burden […]

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Teeth Whitening Risks – Use Professionals

The population of the UK should be made more aware of the risks involved in teeth whitening treatments according to Dr Peta Leigh, a member of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.Leigh states that whitening treatment so widely available, but lots of people do not always realise that many outlets and individuals offering treatment are […]

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Report Highlights Older Peoples Dental Challenges

The Faculty of Dental Surgery (FDS), part of the Royal College of Surgeon, has published a new report highlighting the impact that poor oral health has for older people.The Research compiled by the FDS reveals that as many as 1.8 million people aged over 65 years of age could be suffering from an acute dental […]

3D Printed Teeth!

Imagine being able to print new teeth! That is what is happening with the improvements in 3d Printing technology.3D tooth printing will be a revolutionary way to create natural looking teeth, with the exact size and requirements being inputted into the printer, which will require an experienced dentist or dental technician to complete. There could […]