Over 50% of British People Say Bad Teeth Affects Confidence

More than half of UK employees (58%) think that having bad teeth and a poor smile negatively affects their confidence, research by Unum Dental has suggested, as reported in their Cover Magazine.

The survey of 2001 workers revealed that women were more self-conscious of having poor teeth, with 67% saying that their confidence in public would be affected compared to 49% of men, while generation Z was found to be most concerned about oral aesthetics (69%).

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Earlier this year, The Oral Health Foundation revealed that 87% of those under 35 are self-conscious about their smile, while just 29% of adults are likely to pose for a photograph with an open mouth.

Unum Dental's research also found that a nearly third (30%) of workers surveyed would pay for dental insurance if their employer had an employee benefits scheme in place and 38% would be more likely to go for a check-up. According to a recent survey, dental cover is the most popular voluntary health benefit offered.

"This research emphasises just how important dental insurance can be for an employee's confidence and consequently their workplace performance," said Andrew Bower, managing director at Unum Dental. "By providing dental insurance employers offer peace of mind to their employees when it comes to dental and oral health, allowing them to instead focus on feeling confident in social situations and getting the most out of life."

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