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Would You Want to be Told About Your Bad Breath?

A recent UK poll, commissioned by Dental BB Mints, of 1,000 16–34-year-olds revealed that 40% of them have secretly judged a friend’s poor dental hygiene and their resultant bad breath.

Almost a quarter of respondents admitted they had actually avoided friends who suffered from bad breath. They added they had produced excuses to avoid meeting with them.

60% of responders said they expected a friend to tell them if they were suffering from bad breath, although 75% admitted they would find it uncomfortable to deliver the same news to their associates.

Food can be the cause of bad breath. Chef Michael Wignall, who worked with Dentyl BB Mints said: “As someone who regularly travels internationally to experiment and introduce unique and new ingredients to my dishes, I have discovered some of the best flavours in the world.

“However, sometimes, the better the flavour, the worse the adverse side effect for those who consume them. But that should never stop anyone being able to experiment and try them.”

Unsurprisingly Garlic proved to be the worst culprit for causing problem breath, followed by onions and surprisingly coffee.

However bad breath could also come from some dental issue - here at Mannamead Cosmetic Dental Centre we can provide you with treatment and care to improve your breath and smile.

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