Safe Amalgam Removal Plymouth

Safe Amalgam Removal in Plymouth

Amalgam (black, metal, silver) fillings contain up to 50% mercury.

Using metal-free alternatives, we can safely and easily remove these fillings and reconstruct your teeth with white fillings.

At Mannamead Cosmetic Dental Centre in Plymouth, we take your health, care and concerns seriously and have designed a safe amalgam removal programme that minimises your exposure to mercury while removing old amalgam fillings.

Modern composite materials are a far better aesthetic alternative if you have concerns over your health and amalgam fillings.

We can safely remove several amalgam fillings in one visit. Some of the protocols we employ are:

  • Rubber Dam – A rubber sheet that isolates the teeth to be operated on to prevent amalgam from being swallowed or inhaled.
  • Oxygen – a ‘nose piece’ is worn, allowing you to breathe pure air during the procedure and protecting you from any potential inhalation of mercury vapour.
  • Vapour Extraction – our surgeries have specially designed air filtration systems that extract mercury vapour from the air in the room during the replacement procedure.
  • Pre- and post-procedure remedies are prescribed that help eliminate mercury from your body.

How much does Safe Amalgam removal in Plymouth cost?

Amalgam removal at Mannamead Cosmetic Dental Centre starts from £50 per quadrant. (Your mouth is divided into 4 “quadrants”).

Where to find us

We’re located near the city centre, convenient for public transport, or use street parking and car parks nearby.

From Plymouth city centre, up North Hill (B3250) and across Mutley Plain onto Lockyer Road. We’re roughly 100 metres from The Hyde Park public house.

Address:  7 Lockyer Road, Plymouth, PL3 4RL

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