Complaints Procedure

We want all our patients to be satisfied, in fact, pleased, with the service and treatments they receive at the Mannamead Cosmetic Dental Clinic, hence we take complaints seriously. We will always deal with patient complaints promptly and courteously.

Our aim is to resolve any complaint or concern as quickly as possible following an agreed procedure and, if possible, resolve the matter to the patient's satisfaction.

A complaint may indicate a failing on our part, from which we can learn and make changes to our service. We will always adopt a ‘no blame’ approach when investigating a complaint and especially where individuals are involved and identified, with the aim of reaching a satisfactory conclusion for all concerned. We will always be polite and respectful to our patients.

The Practice Manager is responsible for dealing with all complaints about our treatments and service.

If a patient makes a complaint in person or by telephone, the member of staff receiving the complaint will make an initial record of the concerns raised, confirming the accuracy of the record with the patient. The patient will be provided with a copy of the record, while the original is passed to the Practice Manager.

If the Practice Manager is available, the patient will be asked if they would like to speak to them immediately. Otherwise, the patient will be advised when the Practice Manager will make contact to arrange a meeting in person or by telephone.

If the complaint is in writing or by e-mail, the correspondence will be passed immediately to the Practice Manager.

Complaints about clinical care or the price for treatment will be passed to the dentist concerned unless the patient requests otherwise.

As soon as possible all complaints will be acknowledged in writing, but generally within three working days of receipt of the complaint. A copy of the complaints’ procedure will also be sent along with the written acknowledgement.

If the complainant has not discussed the matter with the Practice Manager, they will be offered the chance to do so. They will also be asked the preferred method to be kept informed of the progress of their complaint — by letter, e-mail, telephone or with meetings in person.

The patient will be advised of the procedure Mannamead Cosmetic Dental Clinic follow to resolve any complaint and the anticipated timescale of the procedure.

We will investigate any complaint as efficiently and as quickly as is reasonably practicable, we will keep the patient informed of our progress. Investigations will generally be completed within six months.

  • On completion of any investigation the patient will receive a full written report, which will include the following:
  • An explanation of how the complaint has been considered;
  • The conclusions reached in respect of each specific part of the complaint;
  • Details of any necessary remedial action and;
  • Whether the practice is satisfied with any action it has already taken or will be taking as a result of the complaint.

Comprehensive records will be retained of any complaint received as well as the actions, if any, taken to improve services as a consequence of a complaint.

If a patient is still not satisfied with the result, then the complaint may be referred to:
The Dental Complaints Service, The Lansdowne Building, 2 Lansdowne Road, Croydon, CR9 2ER or email or telephone 08456 120 540.