Dental Crowns in Plymouth

Dental Crowns in Plymouth

Would you like your new Dental Crowns created and fitted in just one visit?

Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to design, manufacture, and fit your new porcelain ceramic crowns in just a single appointment. No need for temporary crowns.

Benefits of single-visit Crowns

  • Conveniently fitted in one single visit

At Mannamead Cosmetic Dental Centre in Plymouth, we use CEREC single-visit dental crowns so there’s no need for false-looking temporary crowns or multiple appointments

And with modern dental anaesthetics, you don’t have to worry about waiting hours to be able to speak and eat properly afterwards

  • Permanent strong restorations

Crowns function like real teeth, so you can bite and chew as usual, and last between 10-15 years, if not longer

  • Boost your confidence and self-esteem

A great smile can completely transform how you look and how other people look at you

Dental Crowns FAQ

What is a dental crown?

Crowns are a type of dental restoration that covers a part of or the entire tooth. Crowns can transform cracked or weakened teeth back to strength and function, improving their appearance and position and giving them a natural shape, helping to hold the tooth together to prevent further fractures. 

Why might I need a dental crown?

  • If your tooth has undergone significant decay and there isn’t enough tooth structure to support a filling or maintain functionality.

  • Crowns are often necessary to strengthen teeth after a Root Canal, as these teeth are brittle and could fracture.

  • If a large portion of your tooth has broken, Crowns are useful when traditional Composite Bonding techniques can’t be used.

  • A Crown offers your tooth additional protection instead of a large composite filling if you have a large cavity.

  • If you’ve had a Dental Implant to replace a missing tooth, a Crown will be fitted to the abutment of the titanium implant.

  • For cosmetic reasons, to improve the aesthetics of your smile, you may opt for all porcelain cosmetic Crowns. 

  • To help hold a Denture or Bridge in place.

What are the alternatives to dental crowns?

Part-Crowns, known as Inlays and Onlays, can be used in place of full Crowns along with Composite Fillings or Veneers (front teeth only).

Our Cosmetic Dentist, Dr Lenore Bronkhorst, has over 35 years of experience and will advise you on the best course of action to work within your budget.

Is getting a crown painful?

Local anaesthetic is used to carry out the procedure so that there is no pain during the procedure. If you prefer, Sedation is also available.

How much natural tooth must be available for a crown to be fitted?

In most cases, only a minimum of about 1/4 of your natural tooth must be present. Crowns are designed to restore heavily damaged teeth.

If there isn’t enough natural tooth to work with, inserting a metal post into the tooth root may be necessary before placing a Crown, giving support to help the Crown stay in place.

Do I have to have a Root Canal before having a crown?

Root Canal is not always necessary when placing a Dental Crown. However, it is a common procedure, which is why there’s a misconception about needing one.

Is it better to get a crown or extract the tooth?

It’s always better to save your natural tooth if possible. Natural teeth are stronger, and where there’s a gap in the jawbone, the surrounding bone will collapse, often making you appear older than you are.

How long do dental crowns last?

Well-cared-for Crowns will last for 10-20 years. Crowns themselves don’t decay, but where they’re joined to the tooth can. Crowns need to be cared for and cleaned just like your natural teeth.

How we create your new Crowns

CEREC (ceramic reconstruction) is a revolutionary system that enables us to design, fabricate, and fit your new ceramic porcelain Veneers or Crowns in a single visit.

This new technology has revolutionised ceramic restorations for patients so that there is no longer a wait before receiving the finished product.

Crowns and Veneers created with CEREC are metal-free and coloured to restore your tooth’s natural look, strength, and function.

CEREC high-precision dental milling machine
CEREC high-precision dental milling machine
3D Digital X-Ray Scanner
Our 3D Digital X-Ray scanner

CEREC is the world’s only system for fabricating ceramic restorations in just one visit.

The state-of-the-art equipment enables us to take high-resolution 3D digital images of your teeth and design your new Crown or Veneer to fit your existing teeth perfectly. 

Your Crown or Veneer is then created from porcelain ceramic and fitted during the same appointment.

Any of your teeth can be restored using CEREC, with very little preparation required, and the restorations are solid and durable due to the unique way they are milled from a single piece of ceramic.

Your new Crowns and Veneers will perfectly match your other teeth and blend in as always being there.

The process is comfortable and quick, making it useful for nervous patients.

How CEREC works

Dental Crowns Before and After

Damaged and discoloured teeth are prepared and shaped to accommodate new crowns that match the natural tooth colour.

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What our patients say about us

Andreas has had several complicated treatments and highly recommends Lenore and our team.

How much do Dental Crowns cost?

CEREC single-visit dental crowns at Mannamead Cosmetic Dental Centre start from £665.

Included in the fees are:

  • 3D scans and X-rays
  • Custom-fitted Porcelain Ceramic Crown
  • All appointments and aftercare

All new patients will be asked to book a 1-hour comprehensive examination appointment, which costs £150.

This exam will include your teeth and gums health and structural integrity, bite functioning and cosmetic aspects, and any X-rays needed.

After we have carefully listened to what you want and under the professional guidance of the dentist, we will be able to create a customised treatment plan for you and discuss the treatments available with estimated costs.

A deposit of £60 is required when booking, with the remaining £90 due on the day of your appointment.

Please note that this fee is fully refundable if you notify us of your cancellation at least 24 hours in advance. Your deposit will not be refunded for cancellation at shorter notice or failed appointments.

Would you rather spread the cost of your Dental Crowns with our payment plans?

Mannamead Cosmetic Dental Centre are pleased to work with Chrysalis Finance, which provides dental financing facilities to help you spread the cost of your Dental Crowns, including 0% interest-free finance for 12 months.

Affordable payment financing plans are also available starting from less than £20 per month. You can access a calculator below showing various monthly payment options available.

Contact us for further information or help completing an application form if needed.

Dental Finance calculator
Dental Crowns finance

Where to find us

We’re located near the city centre, convenient for public transport, or use street parking and car parks nearby.

From Plymouth city centre, up North Hill (B3250) and across Mutley Plain onto Lockyer Road. We’re roughly 100 metres from The Hyde Park public house.

Address:  7 Lockyer Road, Plymouth, PL3 4RL

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