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Teeth Whitening in Plymouth

Are you fed up with wasting your money on home teeth whitening kits that don’t work?

Whether you want naturally whiter teeth or a Hollywood and Instagram smile, professional cosmetic teeth whitening is a safe, effective, and pain-free way to brighten your teeth.

We can provide you with at-home teeth whitening kits or single-session Philips Zoom laser teeth whitening at our Plymouth Cosmetic Dental Practice.

Our Cosmetic Dentist, Dr Lenore Bronkhorst, with over 35 years of experience, will advise you about the treatments and answer any questions you may have.

Only dentists can legally sell products that can chemically change the colour of your teeth permanently. You won’t find effective over-the-counter tooth whitening or “bleaching” solutions unless your teeth only have slight surface stains.

Any whitening products you buy or use within the U.K. that a dentist does NOT supply contain hardly any bleaching agents.

Benefits of having your teeth Professionally Whitened

  • Boost your confidence and self-esteem

A great smile can completely transform you and other people’s perceptions of you.

  • Precise colour matching

Our whitening treatments can make your teeth several shades lighter and are tailored to your desired look.

  • Save your money and your teeth

A professional cleaning and whitening treatment can often replace the need for more expensive and invasive procedures to improve the appearance of your teeth.

Teeth Whitening FAQ

Will having my teeth professionally whitened remove stains?

There are two types of staining: Extrinsic (surface) and Intrinsic (shade of your teeth).

Professional and over-the-counter whitening gels/strips will only remove intrinsic stains.

Red wine, for example, leaves extrinsic stains, which will prevent whitening treatments from working properly because they physically block the formula from reaching your teeth. 

Dental cleanings remove extrinsic stains; electric toothbrushes and whitening toothpaste can largely prevent them. 

If you have these types of stains, you must have your teeth professionally cleaned before whitening them. 

Will having my teeth whitened cause sensitivity?

Some people find that teeth whitening can cause sensitive teeth during treatment. This is quite normal and shouldn’t last more than 48 hours in most cases. We would advise for a couple of days after your treatment to avoid hot and cold drinks and use tooth sensitivity toothpaste.

I’ve tried whitening kits at home, and they didn’t work. Does professional whitening work?

You won’t find effective over-the-counter whitening solutions unless you have only slight surface stains, in which case regular whitening toothpaste will combat these.

Can yellow teeth be whitened?

Professional teeth whitening can significantly improve intrinsic stains (yellowing of teeth).

Electric toothbrushes and whitening toothpaste can help prevent extrinsic staining but aren’t very useful in improving intrinsic stains.

Will my teeth look natural after being whitened?

You can choose how many shades you would like to lighten your teeth before you begin, ensuring that the colour still looks natural and is in keeping with your skin tone.

How long does professional teeth whitening last?

How long your teeth stay “white” depends mainly on your diet. If you eat and drink bright or dark-coloured substances regularly, your teeth will lose that “whiteness” faster.

How often will I need to get my teeth whitened?

After you’ve had the moulds of your teeth made and completed the initial treatment to your satisfaction, you can “top up” your whitening whenever you feel it’s needed. 

Usually, the results last at least 12 months and “topping up” will be quicker than the initial treatment. You can purchase extra whitening gel from us anytime, and the teeth moulds should last you several years if looked after.

Teeth Whitening Results

We can whiten your teeth to any shade you desire. Whether removing staining and yellowing and returning to your natural colour or a bright “Hollywood & Instagram” smile.

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How does Home Teeth Whitening work?

At your first appointment, we’ll use a special dental putty to take an impression (mould) of your teeth to make your custom-fitted whitening trays.

Using prescription-strength whitening gel, you then wear the trays for 1-2 hours a day for 14 days or until you are happy with the results. 

Custom-made teeth whitening trays
Custom-made teeth whitening trays

How to use your professional teeth whitening trays

Your teeth will gradually whiten each time you wear them until you reach your desired result.

After wearing the trays for two weeks, we’ll see you for a follow-up appointment to check your teeth have reached the desired shade.

The trays are reusable, so you can ‘top-up’ the colour of your teeth anytime you want in the future.

How does Laser Teeth Whitening work?

Philips Zoom uses advanced blue LED light-activated technology to accelerate whitening for maximum results in minimal time. You can achieve a smile up to 6 shades whiter in just one 45-minute visit.

Before your treatment appointment, you’ll need to have an assessment to ensure you’re suitable, then have some impressions taken of your teeth to create the custom-fitted moulds needed.

How Philips Zoom teeth whitening works

Laser teeth whitening
Zoom laser teeth whitening in action

At the start of your whitening appointment, a special gel is painted onto your teeth, which is then activated with an LED light to whiten your teeth, giving you instant results.

Once finished, you’ll receive a top-up kit to use at home in the future to keep your teeth the shade of white you desire.

What our patients say about us

Ann had a smile makeover with us and discusses her treatment and its effects on her life.

How much does Home Teeth Whitening cost?

With the at-home teeth whitening kit, creating the custom trays makes up most of the initial cost, but the trays are reusable and should last several years if looked after.

Included in the fees are:

  • Custom moulds fitting
  • Custom whitening trays
  • Teeth whitening gel
  • All appointments and aftercare

A full treatment of professional at-home teeth whitening at Mannamead Cosmetic Dental Centre costs £495.

Whenever you want to “top up”, the tubes of whitening gel cost £30 for two weeks’ worth, enough to change the colour of your teeth to the shade you desire.

How much does Laser Teeth Whitening cost?

In-office Philips Zoom laser teeth whitening at Mannamead Cosmetic Dental Centre starts from £650.

Included in the fees are:

  • Custom moulds fitting
  • Philips Zoom 1-hour appointment
  • Home top-up kit
  • Any/all aftercare

Where to find us

We’re located near the city centre, convenient for public transport, or use street parking and car parks nearby.

From Plymouth city centre, up North Hill (B3250) and across Mutley Plain onto Lockyer Road. We’re roughly 100 metres from The Hyde Park public house.

Address:  7 Lockyer Road, Plymouth, PL3 4RL

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